Saturday, April 23, 2011

April 23- Day to relax and get out bearings

Today we were shown around the lake town of Puerta Varas by our in country trip planners David and Rebecca Hughes. Tomorrow we will attend Easter service at the local Baptist church here in PV. Andy Jones, Minister of Mission and Faith Development at FBC Augusta will assist Pastor Boris in the administration of the Lord's Supper. We have been told that this service will last from 10:30 to 1:00. This was explained as a mini-fast during the day to enhance the religious experience. The Pastor and church have a pretty good idea for how the service will flow, but there is enough flexibility to allow for improvisation and the movement of the Holy Spirit. I have also been asked to share a brief, 10 min. or so devotion as a part of the service. I will be meeting Pastor Boris in the morning to find out more about what he wants me to do and when.

Sunday afternoon we will leave for Los Muermos where we will check equipment and prepare for the work of the week. The dentists have very much appreciated the graciousness of our hosts and hotel here in PV but, we are all anxious to be in Los Muermos to begin the work of seeing patients and using the gifts and skills that God has given us. Details and pictures of preparation will come tomorrow.

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