Sunday, May 1, 2011

Heading Home!

We are sitting in the airport in Santiago after our first leg of the flight home. We left The Cliffs Preserve this morning around 11:00 and headed to Los Muermos for David and Rebecca to pick up their pick-up and lead us to the airport. We also had to say good-bye to Michelle. She was a great addition to our team this week. As we drove away from the Bed and Breakfast in Los Muermos we passed her walking down the street as she was heading back to her host home. After we got checked in to the LAN flight to Santiago we had one final get together with David and REbecca where they thanked us for our work this week. Dr. Pruett and the team had also written them a thank you note. We certainly appreciate their hospitality this week and all the hard work they put in before we arrived. It is obvious that they are loved and that they have made a tremendous impact while they have been in country. I know they will be missed when they leave, but perhaps not as much as they will miss being in Chile. As one final gift to us Rebecca followed my departure prayer with a beautiful rendition of "May the Road Rise up to Meet You."

It's almost time to board the plane. And this will be the final blog from our trip in Chile. Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers! It has been a blast to getting to know the dentists and meeting the people of Chile.

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