Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Conference has begun

We are having a great time at the conference. The students really enjoyed their family groups today. We will be heading to Wittenburg in the morning. Be praying for your students today. They will be singing for the main worship service on Friday (approx. 1:30 pm your time). Hopefully, we will get some practice time on the bus on our way to and/or from Wittenburg. Wittenburg, you remember is where Martin Luther nailed the 95 theses to the door of the church that ultimately sparked the beginning of the Reformation.

Here you will find some pictures of the conference venue and the students singing at the first Fringe concert on Wednesday night. Thank you to those of you that have left comments on the board. I have passed those on to the respective students.

This shot is after they have sung while watching the other groups.

Here are some of the groups shots of our students practicing for the Fringe concert.

This is the actual performance.

A full group shot back at the practice session.

I wanted you to see the large venue where they are singing. The area where we are standing was full of people when our group sang Wednesday night and they did a GREAT job!

This was taken at the beginning of the first worship service. This group came down the ailsle with candles lit at a portion of the programming representing those who lost their lives in the Holocaust. This was a very moving presentation. There were not many dry eyes in the place after it was done. I know mine weren't.

More pictures will come tomorrow. Sorry, I am tired! Thanks for your prayers!


Ruth said...

Thanks for taking the time for today's update. This may be a duplicate message- a little hard to navigate sign-in.

Ruth said...

1st message lost in space!!! That must have been a moving service with the candlelight procession. Please tell Will tha Ernie Hasse (for real of EHSS!) had left a message on our machine wanting us to come to their concert in Atlanta on 8/8/08. It's not too late to reconsider!!! We'll be praying for the group tomorrow especially--thanks for the 1:30 alert.

Beth said...

Awesome pics, Andy. I'm so proud of our kids - and you adults, too! Thank you for sharing hugs with K & P.

Heather said...

I didn't even know you had a blog going! I stumbled on it yesterday!

It looks like everyone is having fun! I wish I was there...Germany is SO beautiful!

Tell everyone that they're missed and that we're praying for them!