Monday, July 28, 2008

Photos from the start

Here we are getting ready to go on our journey! Thanks to all you parents who came out to say good-bye and have prayer with us!

Things got a little crazy on the bus ride to Charlotte. We made it in PLENTY of time...

Thanks to an hour and a half delay getting on the plane!

Here we are after seeting off on our loooooong
flight via Lufthansa FL 429:

But we did Finally make it to our destination: Munich airport!

And then we loaded another bus for a tour of the city of Munchen. (Spelling changes because we are in Germany now!)

At this point we are nearing the 24 hour with little to no sleep point. Dragging faces and droopy eyes are becoming the norm.

This is the beautiful St. Peter and Paul Church in which they sang in Oberammergau on Sunday morning. They did fantastic!

This is Neuschwanstein Castle on the afternoon of day two. This is the castle Walt Disney modelled Cinderella's castle after at his theme parks.

And here we are in our third country, Czech Republic (after having driven through Austria).

This one's for you, Carol!

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