Friday, August 22, 2008

A Word About: Opportunity (Part 1)

Sorry, for the late post. This was from last week.

Opportunity is one of those things “they” say doesn’t come around that often. They may be right…in regard to some things. One of the opportunities you have is to be involved in the life and ministries of our church. It will soon be time to make nominations for committee positions for the coming year. Following discussions with our church moderator SMAC has suggested that it would be good if we had some students on several of our standing church committees. Each of these positions will be a one year assignment. The open committees are: Music, Mission Development Council, Stewardship, Greeters, Activities, and Creation Care. I will be happy to give you more details on any of these committees. Most of these committees will meet once a month or once every other month. If you are interested in serving on any of these committees please see me so that I can pass your name along to the Committee on Committees. While this opportunity only comes around once a year, there are other opportunities that show much more frequently. More on that next week…

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