Friday, August 10, 2012

Liberia Mission Trip, Part 1

Liberia day 1 and 2 Thursday and Friday July 19,20
Sunrise from the plane as we approached Ghana
sprawling, developed Accra, Ghana
wider Ghana picture from the plane

After a long overnight flight we were greeted to an arrival in Accra, Ghana.  It was neat to see the progression from rural villages and huts to the larger homes near the airport.  I definitely wasn't expecting to see that much development on this trip.

As we landed in Monrovia, Liberia we saw more of what I would expect.  Not a lot of development and a lot of green space.  The airport was tricky with a lot of "helpful" people.  One guy that really did help us a lot was a gentleman by the name of Camara.  He helped us gather all 16 bags and get through customs with ease.  Once we finally got outside the airport Jessy met us and directed us to the van so we could get on the road.  Since we did not know what was customary Jessy took care of our helpers once we were all loaded.

We stayed our first night at Jessy's house that he built!  They use it not only as their family home but also to house teams that come to work with the Balama Development Alliance (BDA).  It is absolutely beautiful with the tile floors and stucco walls.  They have many comforts of home and it looks to be a great place to raise a family.

me with my feet in the other side of the Atlantic 

some of the team on the beach at ELWA
(Jessy Togba-Doya, missionary, Cathy Tugmon, Lora Barlow, Queen, and Mark Barlow)

After unloading our stuff we went to the Everlasting Love Within Africa compound passing Myrtle Beach along the way.  I have now stuck my toes in the other side of the Atlantic.  After the beach we returned to Jessy's for a wonderful supper prepared for us by the "Coal Pot Queens."  The team discussed plans and expectations for the week.  Tomorrow, we hope to head to Balama to meet the people and worship in the village on Sunday.

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