Saturday, September 13, 2014

La Guama clinic, day 2

   We have tabulated the results from the last couple days of clinics. Yesterday in San Bartola we saw 60 patients and did 33 fillings, 113 extractions, 9 cleanings (I think there were more and I have been told they were not "simple" as previously reported), and teaching a  few children how to brush.

   We had a great day at LaGuama, which is right down the street from Santa Elena where Ernesto and Allison live. Today we saw 73 patients and did 45 fillings, 78 extractions, 29 cleanings, and had five with good looking teeth that Julie Brooks taught to brush. Julie stepped in today and did some cleanings as well. I am blessed to serve with a flexible team. In the pictures below you may notice some different pairings of team members doing different jobs.

We had a great breakfast this morning. I will let the Trotter family figure out which meal their daddy had this morning. 

     Once we arrived at LaGuama today we had some excitement as the bus got stuck just inside the gate. We unloaded the bus into Hannibal's (pronounced Annibal) and then he carted it the rest of the way up the hill to the clinic. 

   This is the truck that was called to free our bus from being stuck.

   As promised I have some pictures of the chaos of the morning setup. Although I will say it was much less chaotic today than yesterday. 

     Once the clinic was all set up and running it was running very smooth. We saw a lot of children today. We were all glad that we could do a lot of fillings rather than extractions. It was a great day of serving The Lord and the people of Honduras.
     We covet your prayers tomorrow as you gather for worship. Please lift us up. Pray that our backs would remain strong, that our minds would remain sharp, that our hearts remain soft, and that doors would be opened to share our faith with God's people unto the uttermost! 

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