Sunday, September 14, 2014

Las Vegas clinic, Day 3

     Before I write anything about today I need to show you a picture of last night's birthday celebration. Ernie's birthday was yesterday and we celebrated with cake at dinner last night.

     Today we had the wonderful privilege of serving a community across the lake from our hotel. Ernie and Allison have only recently been introduced to this community by the owner of the Honduyate, Richard. We were the first outreach into that community by Mission on the Move. We were told that there has not been a dentist to see the village in about two years. Unfortunately, that showed today. Out of the approximately 200 people in the little village we saw 50 patients.  For those patients our dentists did 106 extractions, 19 fillings, and 13 cleanings. Fortunately, of the extractions from young people most were of baby teeth. We were also able to treat the pastor and the mayor.
     We started our journey by loading the boat with our supplies. It was about a 45 min boat ride to the village. At which point we walked our equipment about 500 yards to the school where we would be holding the clinic. Reluctantly, Marvin decided to stay at the hotel today. But, we all determined as we were carrying equipment up the "beach" and dry creek bank that it had been a good decision.  Richard even let David captain the boat some on our way back this afternoon.

     Once we got to the clinic it was business as usual. We each have our roles down pretty well in terms of setting up and settling in for the day. Today we had a slight change where Bobby Turner with Nan Watson was doing the triage and Scott Wingard with David Dekle set up a second surgical (extraction) chair beside Bill Trotter and Kay Simpson. Julie Brooks continued doing some cleanings alongside Ruth Crews. We also had two restorative units going: Kim Willingham with Mia Williams and Randy Arnold with Ryan Galey. Each of the dentists also did their own triage from time to time if Bobby got backed up.  Rebecca Elkin and Laura Altman continued doing crafts and Erin Willingham held down the fort at registration (sometimes with an interpreter and sometimes without).

      So you won't get board with seeing the same dental shots over and over because let's face it if you've seen one mouth you've seen them all (right, dentists?) I will post some flora and fawna shots from the week. These first ones are taken from the MOM property where we did our clinic yesterday.

In the center of the picture below you can barely make out the sillouhettes of two birds. These are large black birds that look like crows or ravens but sound a lot like a parrot or macaw.

     This is a view of the lake from MOM property.

     Again on MOM property, but notice the growth out of the pine tree.  You see this a lot all over the place. Different plants thriving high in trees.

     This one was taken on our walk from the lake to Las Vegas

    Just a reminder that missions at FBC Augusta is a family affair. We'd love to have you and your family on our next trip!

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