Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Ministry of the Lawnmower

     Today began as most have this week. Chip was the first to rise to get the coffee pot going for his coffee and our early morning visit from Eric (Hermas). He then set out to work on the lawnmower to get it going for the day. As it turns out he was able to work on it off and on throughout the day and finally got it working this afternoon probably better than it has been in years. I continued work on the wall with James' help. Tomorrow we should raise a wall and starting building another. The gentlemen from St. Dunston's will be coming by tomorrow afternoon when after they finish the repairs on the medical clinic in Takini. That will be a big boost to get these walls up. 

     Joy and Savannah went on a horse ride to the river with Rodger while Eric helped Paula ride around the round corral on the church property.

     The guys rode up to Sylvester and Deena's to help him mow his grass. We also removed the blades from the riding mower in order to sharpen them, brought them back to the church to sharpen them and returned to help mow only to be called back to lunch when our stomachs rumbled. They will return up the hill tomorrow to work on their yard, retrieve the riding mower and go to Debbie Day's to work a little on her grass.

      Sylvester mowing his grass

     Chiles and Emory working on the blades of the red mower and the blade housing of the John Deere.

     Tonight Chiles, James, Savannah, Emory, and Jackson went with Rodger and Tameka to the river to fish for catfish. The rest of us went to Takini to join the Houston group in serving a meal and operating a mobile store.  Pictured below are Marvin with Erica from the St. Dunston's group selling household goods at the store.

     We served dinner in the linchroom at the school. There were probably 40 people that came (men, women and children). It was great to see that our team was not seated together. Each us found group of people to sit with and converse over a shared meal. What a blessing it has been for our two groups to be able to serve together this week.

     This last picture for the day is taken of the outside wall of theTakini you can see the Lakota star has been painted on the bricks. What you may not be able to tell is that this is actually two rooflines. The lower roof is in front and the upper roof (gym) is set behind, but taken from in front like this the star fits together perfectly!

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