Monday, July 13, 2015

Project Assessment

    Today we started checking things out around the church to see what we could do and what we may need to go buy in order to accomplish some of the many tasks. The guys began working on the grass around the church and the fire pit. We assessed the situation of the addition to the building, the lawn mowers, and prepared the grill to cook tonight.  After we made our preparations we had lunch and left for the pow wow in Dupree. We saw Byron and Toni and several of our other friends who we will cross paths with this week. Enjoy these pictures from the pow wow (opening ceremonies, open dance, drum circle, and one of the men's head dresses).

     On our way back to the church several of us went to the river (my second visit with a second group). This was my first time down to the river in three years.  We enjoyed skipping rocks and looking at the beauty of God's creation.

     We had a great meal tonight where we were joined by several members of the community including Rodger, Victoria, Tameka, Lanaia, Makai, and Uncle Ben (as they all call him). I predict our meal times from this point forward will be full of laughter, stories, and deeper connection as several members of the community often come to join us to enjoy table fellowship.

     Chip has a list of items that we need to purchase in Faith. He will further assess the riding lawnmower tomorrow to determine what is needed in order for it to run.  We will also begin work on the building addition. We were able to talk to Mike Lassiter this afternoon and get squared away on what is here, what is coming, and the plans are for the space. As we always do we will be prepared to stop work as folk from the community stop by. I also hope that we will be.  Able to encourage some of them to join us in the work at hand.

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