Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Working on the Walł

     Day we got started bright and early. The sun typically comes up around 4:30 or 5:00. Chip was up with the sun and ready to begin work for the day. Our first order of business was to get the lawn mower working so Chiles, Emory, and James could finish mowing the grass around the church. Chip was able to make a slight adjustment without having to wait for a single tool or part and they were off and running. Here is Chiles on the mower while Chip and Emory clear away toys, balls, and other items from his path.

     The next big project that we began was to build the exterior walls on the addition of the church. Chip and I discussed the plans we had been given and decided on the best course of action for the day. We began working with James to get the walls started. As you can see below we built the two small walls to get under the eaves and began on the western wall which should be erected tomorrow. 

     While we were working outside on the walls there was a lot of activity going on inside as well. Jane, savannah, and Jackson were working to clean up the fellowship hall (aka our sleeping/eating/hanging out area) to be ready for our guests that would come for the cookout tonight. We also found out that we would be joined by the group from St. Dunston's Episcopal Church in Houston. Paula and Joy drove to Faith to get some needed groceries and supplies.  The Texas group arrived about noon, ate lunch with us, and made preparations for a small store of sorts that they would set up after dinner on the porch.  These pictures are supper prep and store prep by our two groups.

     Mr. Marvin spent the afternoon with the ladies from St.Dunston's. They went up to Takini to announce our presence and invite the folks to dinner at the school tomorrow night. They fell in love with him and I know that he had a blast with them as well. It has been a true blessing to be here at the same time as them this week. For the last couple of years we have been one or two weeks ahead or behind them. After dinner tonight they presented Byron with a saddle to be used as part of the horsemanship program. Unfortunately I missed the presentation so I was unable to provide you with a picture.  I did catch some of the story though. Apparently, they stopped by a church in Rapid City on Sunday for worship. They met a couple that attends there and got into a conversation about what they would be doing this week. The gentleman got one of his saddles for the team to bring. It was a true God-moment as the team was not to planning to attend that particular service and the gentleman and his wife alternate weekends between the Catholic Church and the Episcopal Church.  They were excited to be able to present the saddle on behalf of the Rapid City church.

     Our dinner tonight consisted of hamburgers, hot dogs, and fried chicken. We were able to connect with old friends as well as meet some we people. That continues to be the theme as we share meals with one another.  Take a moment to pray for Toni Buffalo. Early this morning one of her former students committed suicide. This is the fourth teenager in about 7 months and these one in less than a week.  We shared a tender conversation this evening where she voiced her grief for the families and the young ones and those still living who feel such desperation that suicide seems to be the only way out.

     We are having a great week and all are well!

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