Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Circle of Life

I have been thinking a lot lately about the Circle of Life. Becca and I are eagerly anticipating the arrival of our little girl, Nadia Janelle Madison Jones. It has been a long process as many adoptions are to get to this point. We are so thankful for loving birthparents and a supportive church that will allow both of us to be home with our baby girl for the important early bonding. There is so much joy surrounding the birth of this baby. Becca and I move freely from unbridled excitement and giddiness to outright fear that we will be incapable parents. We ask ourselves almost daily, "What is she going to look like? Will she have curly hair or straight? Blonde hair or dark? What color will her eyes be? Will she like to cuddle? What will her personality be like? Will she like balls or dolls...or both? Will she like to be held? Can we do this? Are we really ready to be parents?" We find ourselves on pins and needles and jumping every time the phone rings or we hear "You've got mail!" Our bags are packed and we are ready to go. The car is loaded and the house is clean. All we need now is to get THE phone call.
But, in the midst of all the excitement of preparing for a new life we also experience the grief of loss. Earlier this week Becca's "Gran" passed away. Recently, we had the privilege of celebrating her 92nd birthday at the Cracker Barrell! In Gran's last days she had a beautiful blanket made for Nadia. We got to see her one last time on Sunday and in a very sweet moment she took Becca's hands and voiced a wonderful prayer for Nadia's arrival and that she would grow strong and have a great and bountiful life. Every time someone new would walk in to her room she would ask, "Is Nadia here yet?" Not that she would get to see her but, it was as if Gran was waiting for her arrival. Gran had lived a wonderful long life. She was tired and ready to see Jesus and Pappy. Right to the very end Gran was calling the shots. Her daughters and other family members were around this week, but she waited until she was alone to breathe her last. To the very end she was protecting her girls. Gran you are a special woman and you will be missed by all.
At Deacon's meeting this week Beth Mobley, who has recently lost her mother said, "Death is just as much a part of life as birth." How true that is. We will cherish the early moments that we have with our precious Nadia just as we cherish the last moments we had with Gran. My prayer for you and for us is that we will also cherish all the moments in between.