Thursday, June 6, 2013

New addition, new plans, new dynamic

Today, we decided to take the girls for Becca's 20-week check up because we knew that this was when we would first be able to find out the gender of our new little one.  We had been prepping them all day reminding them that the baby would look a little funny on the screen and we would have to really pay attention to be able to pick out its features.  Becca asked the girls this morning what they thought the baby would be.

Sample conversation with Lydia (19 mo.):
Becca: Lyd, do you think we are going to have a boy or a girl?
Lydia: Girl
B: Lyd, do you think it will be a girl or a boy?
L: Boy
B: Do you want to have a little sister or brother?
L: Bru-ba
B: Is it going to be a brother or a sister?
L: sister

If you didn't figure out Lydia is really into repeating the last thing we say at this point!  We had also determined that Nadia didn't really care one way or another either although of late she seemed to respond more times that she was hopeful for a sister.  I'm just grateful she didn't want a dog.  Now that would have been a miracle!

At first the baby was not being very cooperative.  Every time the technician would get close to the "identity zone" the baby would move or shift just enough so we couldn't get a clear shot.  But, eventually we got the view that we needed to determine beyond a shadow of doubt that we are having another little girl!  Nadia and Lydia both left the office with their very own "1st pictures."  Julia Drew Jones is anticipated to arrive in October between the birthdays of our other two.  That will be a busy and fantastic month!  Nad and Lyd got to hear her heartbeat and we are pleased to say she looks great and measures right on time!

Now, the preparation begins: new room assignments?, bed options, and the excitement of preparing for little girl #3.  Speaking of little girl #3, Becca and I will be reviewing the playbook as we move from man-to-man defense to zone coverage.  Any tips on college/wedding savings plans are greatly appreciated.

I may have to get that dog afterall just to bring up the testosterone level in the house!