Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Get After It Boys!

     Since yesterday was a rain-shortened work say we knew we had a lot to do. We decided to make an early day of it. We left the lodge at 7:30 and arrived at the work site a little after 8:30. We were starting on the back of the trailer. On one corner there was no wood whatsoever to which we would be able to attach the underpinning. We devised a pan to build the frame to which we would attach the underpinning and for to work. Stuart and Hance got the bottom boards nailed to the ground ask the way down the back and across the tongue-end of the trailer. Jeff and I were measuring and cutting the down pieces. We got into a rhythm and completed the back side of the 70' trailer by 11:30! The weather was much more cooperative today with only one short shower just after lunch.
     We decided that it was a good time to stop for a lunch break. As we were eating our lunch Terry and Brenda drove up to check progress. We could tell they were pleased as Terry said, ” yep, that's just how I pictured it.” After taking a few pictures and visiting with the family they back down the mountain. I appreciate the long drive they made for such a short visit.
     After lunch we contributed our way around the trailer. The tongue end of the trailer required some creative engineering to fit the underpinning behind and around the tongue itself. Jeff was a beast all day screwing in most of the underpinning himself. Stuart was the saw master cutting the 2x4s and cutting the metal with a circular saw blade turned around backwards. Hance and I worked on the framing, measuring, carrying cut pieces, and assisting whenever and wherever was a great team effort. As the day got hotter and longer we all needed frequent water breaks to keep going.
     The makeshift porch had been attached to the front of the trailer. There were also two sheets of tin that had been put in place lengthwise behind it. In order not to disturb the porch (it wouldn't take much) we only quirked on either end of the front of the trailer. We finished the top side about 4:45. We decided to press on and finish which would ultimately save us about 2.5 hours of driving time for air one hours width of work. At 6:30 we were all done, packed up, and ready to leave despite the last few pieces of tin being installed aromatically close to the septic system! We stopped at the first store we came to and Stuart treated us all to drinks and snacks.
     When we got back to the lodge we all took showers and for ready for supper. We went to Hi-Lite Pizza in the nearby town of Minnie. It was a short night when we got back to the lodge. They all had dessert while I checked emails. We all, being exhausted, turned in by 10:30. It was a good day, all day as or pastor is fond of saying.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Yard Sale Day

All 8 of us arrow early this morning to be at the GAP by 7:00. After waiting for our marching orders and for the rain to subside a little we began to unload the two trucks and trailer and stage the items for the sale. It continued to rain of and on throughout the morning. We covered the furniture with tarps and cardboard so as not to get it too wet.
     About 10AM the FBC crew loaded into Stuart's truck and followed Terry to Elkhorn City air an hour away. When we arrived it was sprinkling a little. Terry showed us what was to be done and then dove back to continue helping with the yard sale. Since it was raining we decided to easy our lunch before starting our work in earnest. We were able to complete the underpinning on one end of the trailer before the rain came back again. Unfortunately, it was a short day of work, but we have a plan of attack for tomorrow.
     Jeff cooked another great supper for us tonight. After supper we had a good discussion about Mission opportunities and development that have stemmed from our readings of ”When Helping Hurts” and other such books. Whether it is with or people in Augusta our with the good folks of Smoke Rise I am always energized by these discussions. They bring encouragement to me that we are on the right track. These discussions also serve to push me onward in my thinking and planning of current and future partnerships.
     The Smoke Rise gang will be heading back home tomorrow. We will head back to the worksite hopefully under sunnier conditions.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Appalachia Construction--McDowell and Beattyville (August 18-24, 2014)

This next series of blogs is a trip log from Kentucky. Trip participants are Jeff Badke, Stuart Evans, Hance Williamson, and Andy Jones from FBC Augusta and Bill Blanton, Page Fulgham, Jimmy Fulgham, and Jim Myrick from Smoke Rise.

     Yesterday, Jeff Badke and I left Augusta for Richburg, SC to the La-Z-Boy distribution center at 8AM. We arrived with the 26' Penske truck just before noon. We had been told that the supply was slim sure to the tractor trailer load of furniture (that I helped coordinate) having just been delivered to Oklahoma City in response to the tornados there this summer. A list of what was available had been emailed to me this past Monday. I must say that what looked like a small load on paper is enough to fill the Penske! We got 5 couches, 2 sectional sofas, 2 love seats, 6 side tables, an ottoman, and 8 chairs/recliners. We will gladly deliver them to G.A.P (God's Appalachian Partnership) in McDowell, KY and to Paula Settle with Mountain Hope (part of Cooperative Baptist Fellowship commitment to the 20 poorest counties in the US*). After loading up the truck we drove on to Mars Hill, NC to spend the night. Although the drove up was rainy, it was thankfully uneventful.
     Today we finished the drive up to McDowell. Brenda and Terry Carswell met us at the distribution center to drive us back to the lodge. The road to the lodge is not big enough to handle the Penske. Shortly after our arrival Stuart Evans and Hance Williamson met us at the lodge after having driven from Augusta this morning. The crew from Smoke Rise also came in this evening. They brought some furniture that has been donated by church members for the purpose of the GAP sale. They will be starting with us tonight and tomorrow, then heading back to Stone Mountain on Tuesday.
     Brenda and Terry came back this evening after supper for our group orientation and to let us know what we would be doing tomorrow. Tomorrow, we will unload furniture and then drive to Elkhorn City, KY to begin our construction project.

*based on 2000 US Census