Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Working on a porch, day 2

      The team of Page and Jimmy Fulgham, Bob Jernigan, and Marc Beaver accepted two new members today. Jeff Badke and I joined them to work on the roof over a porch that a Smoke Rise crew had worked on back in October. We got the braces placed as well as the support pieces for the metal roof that we will put on tomorrow. We had a bit of a snafu as the metal shop was not able to cut any metal this morning. This afternoon the metal was delivered to the site. It will be ready for us to complete in the morning.

     In the meantime we were able to come back to the lodge and work on the door to the shed. I use "we" loosely. We made efforts to repair the door and then Sean showed up. My favorite comment of the day was when Sean told Page "Get out of the way, just this one time." So we watched as he made quick work of the door.

    The other teams were making progress on their projects as well. The bathroom project hit a few snags along the way as is typical of bathrooms. They had to do more floor repair than they had expected. They should be able to seat the toilet and attach the tub tomorrow to finish that project.

     The window team went to their second house today to remove and replace several windows and a double sliding door. Sean was able to show up at all of the sites throughout the day and offer his assistance to each. He headed back to Frankfurt this afternoon.

     Tonight the team was treated to supper from Nancy Gibson. She is lady that lives down the holler from the Lodge.  Smoke Rise worked on her kitchen on one of their first trips up to McDowell. Since then she has cooked for the team each time they come up.  This has been a great week of work and fellowship.

     Continue to pray for the team's safety as we work on the various projects. Pray for the homeowners that they would recognize our work as a gift from the Lord.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Furniture sale, day 1

   The whole team started out this morning at the distribution center to unload the vehicles of the furniture. Four of us stayed around to be personal shoppers and loaders while the rest of the team went out to begin work on the various construction projects. Again, thanks to La-Z-Boy and the members of Smoke Rise for the furniture donations.

     Linh was a great packer and knot tier. We thought we were going to lose him on this ride as we almost hemmed him in.

     This was the most creative packing job of the day.

      We have one team that is working to rehab a bathroom. Jim Huston is the crew chief for that group. His crew is made up of Johnny Lavender and Jeremy Colliver. They also received a good bit of help or at least moral support from Cheryl, homeowner and handy-woman.  Allen Hardin led PJ Testino, Neal Barton, and Wayne Hardy in a project replacing windows.  They finished one project and began a second window project this afternoon. The third construction project was to build a roof over a porch that Smoke Rise had built on their last trip in October. Page Fulgham is leading that team consisting of his brother Jimmy, Bob Jernigan, and Marc Beaver.

     Pray for continued safety for the teams and continued blessings for the home owners as we serve tomorrow. Bill Blanton, Linh Luong, Malcolm, and I will join these other work teams tomorrow.  I hope to include pictures from the other work sites as the week goes on.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Have you ever wondered what 26 linear feet of furniture looks like?


     Yesterday Johnny Lavender and I drove through Richburg, SC to the La-Z-Boy furniture warehouse to pick up some donated furniture that will go to the GAP for their fund raiser in the morning. The team has gotten supper and settled in for the evening. Tonight John Morris, director of the GAP, shared with the team the vision of GAP, the focus for the year, and a little about each family whom we will be serving this week.  I appreciate the leadership and the focus that they are putting on the relationships that can be built with the families and the impact the teams can have beyond the scope of the work projects.
     Tomorrow we will start our day unloading the Penske truck pictured above, a Uhaul from Smoke Rise, and a trailer from Smoke Rise filled with furniture for the sale. After we unload the teams will break out and go to the various work sites.  We covet your prayers this week for our safety on the work sites. We also pray for the families we will be working with. Pray for opportunities to share our faith with our words and show our faith with our hands.