Saturday, July 27, 2013

Friday--Sightseeing...Badlands, Rushmore, Crazy Horse, tatonka, and prairie dogs.

Today made for a long day of driving, but it was a good, fun day. We started early by breaking down our beds, repacking our suitcases, and cleaning up around the church. We arranged with Byron earlier in the week to ride horses this morning. When we got back from the pow-wow last night I noticed a horse trailer within the compound so I figured they must have brought some extra horses. I was glad of this because I know that some of the horses at the church were still in process of being broken. Ziggy, Josh, and Eric came by this morning to help with the riders. I got on Brownie and rode around the compound. Unfortunately, I was not "one with the horse"  and we went pretty much where he wanted to go. I decided not to go on the trail ride. Everyone got on a horse except for Kevin and Chip. Kevin was excited about the possibility until it was time to get on. However, he did pet the horse, which Betsy said was an accomplishment. Joy, Chiles, and Jacob road with Josh and Eric up to the top of the ridge and around behind Judy and Dean's ranch. They seemed to have a good time. (I'm not sure how I didn't get a picture of Chiles on a horse.  He did ride to be sure)

Mickie made  sandwiches for us to take on the road so when the riders came back we finalized packing the van and said our goodbyes. Toni and Byron gave each of us a certificate of appreciation. They also presented our church with a beautiful quilt as a gift and ”thank you” for coming out.

(L-R) Chiles, Jacob, Josh, Kevin, Mickie, Josh' daughter, Josh's wife, Betsy, Ziggy, Eric, Joy, Toni, Chip, Byron, Andy

our beautiful quilt (will be on display at church soon)

On our scenic tour to get to get to Mt. Rushmore we drove through the Badlands. They are an awe-inspiring site. Some call this the land they God forgot, but I thought it was beautiful in its uniqueness. Like many of our photos this week pictures and words do not do justice to what we have seen. We continued our journey through the Buffalo Gap National Grassland, and yes we did see a herd of Buffalo well off the road. We enjoyed the sights at Mt. Rushmore and the unfinished Crazy Horse monument. There was more to see in the museum at Crazy Horse than the monument itself. When completed the entire sculpture of Mt. Rushmore would be able to fit inside the headdress of Crazy Horse. We found another great restaurant, this time courtesy of Urban Spoon. We are in for a short night early flight out in the morning.

The just gotta see it

Buffalo on the roam

Mt. Rushmore

team at Mt. Rushmore

Crazy Horse monument.

We finally got Kevin on a horse!

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