Sunday, July 21, 2013

Tuesday- work day #2

Today, we sent more people over to the Hagnauer's to offer more assistance with childcare and shed/yard clean up. Alllen's and I took measurements for the Hagnauer addition and a new house in Stanton. Several people stayed at the mission to clean. Beth took a small contingent with get to shop for bingo prizes to be used at the bursting home in the afternoon. They also purchased lunch supplies for us to eat at the mission.
   After lunch Ellen took a group to help at the H's. Beth and Kaitlyn took the group to the nursing home. Stu went to finish his railing. Allen and I went with Nick, Jacob, and Michaela to the Hagnauer addition. We did not get add much done add we would have liked. The groups finished at different times and Beth and Kaitlyn had a crew to cook lasagna for supper. Or crew worked late, but we still have more to do.

*Kyle didn't like the shape of the bumper on Brian's van so he modified it with a power pole*

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