Thursday, October 9, 2014

A home completed

     We started the day by surveying the work that had been accomplished in our absence yesterday. It really was quite a transformation with the finishing touches and porch on the outside and the poured floor on the inside.

     Very soon the dump truck arrived with our supplies for the day. We unloaded true 2x4s and true 1x4s along with zinc for the roof and two saw horses.  

Then we met the skilled carpentry team for the day.  In their broken English and hand gestures we figured out what we needed to do. As the boss was cutting the wood we all learned a new way to wield a hand saw.

     Once the lumber was cut we helped to assemble the trusses together. Then, we passed the wood up to the roof to be attached to the house. For us there was a lot of ground work to be done as we were not allowed to get on the roof.

     With the trusses in place it was time to start passing up the zinc. The first course on each side was a full sheet of zinc and the second course was a half sheet. Some of our team was set to cut the zinc in half as a part if the prep work.

     We left for lunch just after noon and when we returned the roof was on and the prep work already begun to pour the concrete columns to support the porch roof.  We had been told that there was no more work to be done so we adjusted one of the cages at the compoun. We decided we wanted to go and see the completed house. As it turned out we helped in the bucket brigade to pour the concrete.  Apparently my height was especially helpful. 

As the work was finishing we gathered our team, the carpenters, and Madame Andremise (homeowner) for a picture.  We had asked for a picture earlier and she refused. But, this time she was happy to oblige.

     Just as everyday things arrive via the dump truck and we have to carry them back to the compound. Today we brought back the saw horses.

     I promise I did do work this week. It's just hard to take a picture of yourself toting a bucket of sand or passing up some zinc. :)

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