Tuesday, October 7, 2014

And today...for the outside!

    Today started out early as all our days this week. We begin the day with breakfast served between 6 and 6:15. I have shared a brief morning thought for the day as we finish our breakfast and then we walk to the worksite. Today we had a traditional Haitian breakfast of a tuna fish hash and bread. It wasn't a favorite of the team, but my adventurous stomach and I liked it.

     Our worksite for the first part of the week has only been a short walk around the block. When we arrived this morning we checked the work that had been completed after we left yesterday. They got the inside of the house done and were beginning to prep for the outside upon our arrival. Here Wayne Hardy is checking out the previous day's work.

     Once the inside of the rubble house is mortared then the wooden frame on the outside can be removed. 

     Everyone fell into our now familiar roles. While the Haitian masons were mixing and applying the mortar to the outside of the wall we went back to sifting rocks out of the sand that they would use in the mortar mixture.  

    Remember the large pile of sand that was deposited yesterday? We had to finish getting all of that sand to the back of the house for the rest of the mortar. 

     Our day was finished as were we when we moved the entire pile. The masons finished the outside of the house and began to put in the blocks for the windows (that we also carried from the street).

     Word is that tomorrow we will build the frame for the next house to be built. Perhaps Thursday we'll be laying the foundation for that house and returning on Friday to roof the house we have been working on thus far. That is the plan as of today. But, if there is one thing I know about these plans it is that they can change.

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