Sunday, October 5, 2014

And They're Off!

     We loaded up the people mover this morning at 0-dark-thirty to head to Atlanta. Thank you to Randy Gossert at The Master's Transportation ministry for getting us to the airport while most of us caught a few extra zzzz's. Here is the crew riding in style.

     We didn't have any complications with the flights or our connection. The only flight issue we had was that George's peanut butter was confiscated. Apparently, he looked suspicious! Alas, no worries, tonight's supper was great. We had traditional rice and beans with a mild sauce and some fried chicken. notice the proportion of meat to the rest. This, I have come to find is also typical.

     After an hour and a half ride from the airport we arrived at our home for the week. Alex Michette is the Conscience International in-country representative. He met us and drove us to the compound and gave the team a briefing of the week. We will be up and at'em at 6:00 in the morning doing the Lord's work for the people Grand Goave (Big Cove).

     As we rest tonight and prepare our bodies for the work to be done I will leave you with one of our first sights of the morning. I call it "American (airlines) Sunrise."

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